‘Lost In A Book: An Enchanting Original Story’ by Jennifer Donnelly

Lost In A Book by Jennifer Donnelly

‘Lost In A Book’ by Jennifer Donnelly

Lost In A Book: An Enchanting Original Story by Jennifer Donnelly gives Beauty and the Beast fans new characters, a new villain, and a deeper look at Belle’s emotional battles while living in the castle.

Taking place during the events of the live-action movie, Belle stumbles on Nevermore, a book that is more than it seems and lets Belle take a ride into the story itself. Unlike the book the Beast shows in the live action movie that simply takes you where you envision, Nevermore is a Parisian glamour based adventure story with intrigue and mystery.

During her time in Nevermore, everything and everyone feels real, but is it? And can Belle trust the world that surrounds her or is she taking a chance at losing herself in the book forever?

What Did I Like?

The movie shows us how Beast has changed in his attitude towards the castle staff and in Lost In A Book we see more of that change.

We also see how much being locked in the castle has affected Belle emotionally. She may seem okay in the movie but this book shows the emotional toll of being a prisoner in the castle has had on her.

We also see the emotional bond that has formed by the characters when they realize what has happened. It’s heartbreaking to see Beast and the others realize not only where Belle has gone but that she may never return.

What Didn’t I Like?

Belle comes off a bit naive to me which is something I never thought I’d say about my favorite Disney princess. She seemed almost too trusting of things that seemed suspicious from the start.

Then again, I’m not a prisoner in a castle with all my dreams stolen from me. I guess Belle was desperate to feel something that resembled freedom that she wasn’t thinking as smartly as she normally would have in other circumstances.

What Spoke To Me?

Nevermore allowed Belle to escape the castle walls and her predicament as a prisoner. There are times I would love to dive into a story and watch it play out as one of the characters, but in the end, I can always pull myself back to reality simply by closing the book. Unfortunately, the very thing Belle was using to escape her harsh reality became a harsher reality for her to run from.

Something else that spoke to me was the emotional response from Belle to her situation. In the movie, we see her almost happy at the castle and as the viewer, it’s easy to forget she’s a prisoner. Lost In A Book reminded me that she isn’t as free or as happy as she appears. She’s simply persevering through the challenges placed in front of her.

In The End…

This story is an obvious happy ending because we know that eventually the spell is broken on the castle and everyone lives happily ever after. Lost In A Book: An Enchanting Original Story is something to fill in the gaps and give us more of the characters we love while also exploring the best room in the castle, the library. It’s a worthwhile story to read and one that any fan of Beauty and the Beast will enjoy.

Disclaimer: I was sent a free copy of this book in exchange for a review. The original review was posted on GeekMom.com.

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