‘The Gift of the Magi’ by O. Henry

With this story lasting all of 10 pages, this will be the shortest review I’ve ever done but still a story worth of a review nonetheless.

The Gift of the Magi is one I was familiar with even before I read the story. Disney did their own rendition as part of Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas DVD with the two main characters being Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Their story goes in a little bit more in-depth so it takes up the amount of time they needed for their TV special but the sentiments are the same.

A husband and wife struggle with what to get each other for Christmas on their very poor budget. The wife only having about $1.87 to spend. Through a series of ironic events, the two learn the meaning of Christmas isn’t what you get, but the thought behind the gift.

It has a bittersweet ending that left me partly sad for the character’s poor predictiment but warm inside over their mutal love for each other and the lengths they would go to make the other happy.

While the book is the original, I’ll have to say that I like Disney’s take on it best because it has a lot of hope and joy spread throughout (and you can’t help but he happy at Pete got his in the end).

There’s a lot to be learned in those humble 10 pages and it’s worth reading at least once during the holiday season.

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