‘The Lost Letter’ by Mimi Matthews

The Lost Letter by Mimi Matthews on Happily Ever Reads Blog
The Lost Letter by Mimi Matthews

If Beauty and the Beast were to get together with Pride and Prejudice the end result would be The Lost Letter by Mimi Matthews. For the part of the Beast, we have Colonel Sebastian Conrad. For the part of the beauty, we have Ms. Sylvia Stafford.

What Is It About?

At one time they were attached to each other romantically, despite their different positions in life (Sylvia being a lady and Sebastian a second son of an earl). When Sebastian leaves for India and through various circumstances, they lose touch and with it their relationship.

Sylvia Stafford is under the impression her attachment to Sebastian Conrad was lost due to a foolish letter she wrote him during his time in India. Sebastian Conrad is under the impression their attachment ended because Sylvia Stafford was a flirt and just playing with him the whole time they were together in London. Both are wrong.

Through a series of events our two lovers find themselves facing their shared past and wondering what would become of their future if anything.

What Did I Like?

The book is just the right length for a rainy day read. The pace is comfortable and doesn’t rush the events that take place. You get just enough background on both characters to leave you satisfied with what you learn about each of them. The humor is brought in by Sebastian’s sister who is responsible for finding Sylvia and reuniting her with Sebastian, to begin with.

What Spoke To Me?

I love the idea of lost loves reuniting years later and rediscovering their attraction to one another. Sylvia and Sebastian have that kind of love that some people fantasize about. The scenes were described in such a way I felt like I was in the room with the characters and watching them go through their various trials. Emotionally, I felt as if it was happening to me.


This is by far one of my favorite books. I read it at least once every few months and when I need a pick me up, I pick it up and read some of my favorite parts. This was my first introduction to Mimi Matthews and it made a very strong impression that has left me with the determination to read all of her regency romance titles. Look for more reviews of Mimi Matthews’s works to come here on Happily Ever After Books.

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