Welcome to Happy Ever After Books!

This site specializes in books that end happily or have happy centered themes to them. That doesn’t mean the book will be riddled with lovey-dovey romance. There will be books with fire and passion but also adventure and swashbuckling. Happily ever after isn’t just for fairy tales you know!


Well, it’s because life is already so full of depressing and angry things. Reading should give you an escape from that. I choose to read only books that have happy endings but found that without reading the end of the book for myself, I wouldn’t really know if it was a true happy ending (and that spoils everything!).

Knowing a book has a happy ending doesn’t spoil the plot. It just means, in the end, it all works out. The fun part is figuring out how. Think of it like putting together a puzzle. Just because you know what a puzzle looks like before putting it together doesn’t make the experience any less fun right?

Happy ending books are also more fun to read. You walk away feeling like your on cloud 9 instead of the sixth circle of hell from all the depressing or angry emotions.

What can you expect from me?

Here I read the book and give you the details without spoiling it for you (except the whole, happy ending part).

I read mostly young adult fiction but occasionally there might be some adult books thrown into the mix. If there is anything that implies or has an explict sexual confrontation in it I will note it for you at the beginning of the review so you can decide if you should continue reading.

I hope you enjoy this trip into happily ever after with me!

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